Return to fall, return to History

This Sunday marks the beginning of the fall semester and a return to class. I enjoy that school starts in the fall, as it seems to put a nice book end on the changing seasons. I don’t have a summer vacation that I ritually take or a summer oasis of sorts, but most of my co-workers take large blocks of time off during the summer. Fall always seems to mark a start of going back to work for the populace as a whole, and I enjoy thinking that my version of going back to work is learning about things I find interesting.

Being an international business minor and history major provides unique topical combinations. Last semester, for example, I was taking Religion, Microeconomics and History all at the same time. I read about Prophets and calculated Profits. I studied The Prodigal Son, Judaism, Supply and Demand curves, price equilibrium, and the single most important revolution in the past 400 years, the Industrial Revolution. I studied this in History while simultaneously understanding the mathematical and empirical forces that drove it in Microeconomics.  I learned about socialist revolutions in Europe and the plight of the Israelites in the same two week time period.  Was I supposed to be seeing a bigger picture?

I was shown “the source code of our shared existence” learning about colonial expansions, and the rise of the almighty consumer while learning about Martin Luther’s heretical escape from the Vatican and St Augustines autobiographical reflection on how man is basically evil and requires God save him.

This time around its intro to financial accounting and the history workshop(HIS 280). I doubt I’ll encounter the same fascinating opposing and complementary perspectives, but I’m interested in discovering how the discipline of history resembles or matches the discipline of financial accounting.

The question is, at the end of the day is the whole thing just a numbers game?

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